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Cloneable projects & hacks to enhance your builds.

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Webflow filtering typically requires loading an entire collection list & hiding items with javascript. Jetboost instead uses the Webflow API to display requested items, making it ideal for filtering & sorting multiple parameters on larger data sets.
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Questions are frequently asked, & nearly as often answered. And there's no better way to catalog these exchanges than an FAQ accordion. This Webflow-native component uses a combination of "all" & "parent/sibling/child" interactions to link together a group of hide/show components.
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A Responsive, CMS-driven, multi-pin Google Map

Ever needed a map component that required frequent updating? This fully-customizable, fully-responsive, CMS-driven Google Map works great for real estate projects, multi-location clients, point-of-interest maps, member community maps, & more. Navigate locations through the listing or directly via the map. Brand your map via Google's Styling Wizard. Categorize locations. Pimp your pins' info windows. And best of all, you never have to dig back into the javascript to add or remove locations.
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An ajax-powered Quick-View modal

This "quick-view" style product-preview modal allows users to view more information about a product without leaving the page. And better still, without having to stuff a bunch of hidden content into the page. Instead, it uses ajax to pull content from a div on the product page on click, injecting it into a modal.
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Multi-card layout becomes slider on mobile

There's nothing worse than a stacked mobile layout that forces a user to scroll forever. Well, the housing crisis, government regulatory capture, etc. But outside of the realm of life-or-death, a long scrolling mobile site ranks high on the list. A content-heavy website, however, doesn't have to suffer from this condition. This small script engages Slick Slider on mobile viewports to condense sibling content into one short slider, meaning content near the footer actually has a chance of being seen.
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Display dynamic content on a static page

Sometimes a single template might not cover all the needs for a given content type. A set of case studies, for instance, might benefit from unique, editorial-style layouts. This can be done with static pages, but they may still need dynamic content pulled from a collection, & they may need to display in collection lists across the site. In this case, ajax can solve our problem.
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Jon W Cole is an Atlanta-based designer / Visual developer

I am the Keymaster. And I'm currently taking on freelance projects.